Firebuddy Plus Fire Fighter Kit

Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, the FireBuddy Plus 2020 offers essential protection in high-risk environments and is an all-in-one solution for marine firefighting protection. Easy to don, the suit protects against fire, heat and water while offering excellent freedom of movement.


  • Four-layer construction of the jacket and trousers provides excellent thermal and waterproof protection
  • Softer, more flexible materials for greater comfort and freedom of movement
  • Wide elasticated braces with adjusters and quick-release buckles allow the trousers to slip on/off over undergarments more easily
  • Fire-resistant reflective tape fitted to the wrists, jacket hem and ankles to aid visibility
  • Fitted radio and thigh pockets for practicality
  • Supplied with handy valise for easy storage onboard ships and offshore platforms
  • Non-conducting gloves can be supplied as an optional extra if required

Firebuddy Plus firefighter kit contains:


Rules & Regulations

The European standard for firefighter protective clothing, EN469:2005, underwent a significant revision in 2020. While maintaining the core principles of the 2005 version, this 2020 update introduced key changes, including improvements to thermal performance, resistance to water penetration and breathability of the firefighter suits aimed at enhancing safety and performance.

From 25th August 2024, the new MED directive (EU) 2022/1157 mandates that all new firefighter suits placed on the market or onboard any vessel must be EN469:2020 approved. Firefighter suits manufactured in accordance with EN469:2005 cannot be placed on the market or onboard any vessel after this date. There is no requirement to withdraw or replace firefighter suits approved to EN469:2005 that are already onboard.


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Fireman Boots Size UK 8/ EU 42

Part Code: 902925

Fireman Boots Size UK 9 / EU 43 (43.5)*

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Fireman Boots Size UK 10 / EU 44 (44.5)

Part Code: 902927

Fireman Boots Size UK 11 / EU 45 (45.5)

Part Code: 902928

Fireman Boots Size UK 12 / EU 46-47

Part Code: 902929

Gloves For Firefighting Suit

Part Code: 775361

LED Lamp Holder for Fire Fighters Helmet

Part Code: 777539

LED Lamp for Fire Fighters Helmet

Part Code: 777538

Fire Fighters Insulated Gloves

Part Code: 775379

PalmBuddy Gloves

Part Code: 902181

Fire Fighters Lifeline with Hook 30 M

Part Code: 176826

Firefighters belt FHA with lanyard

Part Code: 766835

Spiromatic 90U

Fire Axe with Insulated Handle

Part Code: 534958

Fire Axe Cover

Part Code: 525519

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