Mertex Fire Hose 2.5 inch per Meter without Coupling

Product Sku: 902816

Our range of fire hoses offers a rugged and reliable product complementing any on board requirements. This Mertex range of hose is specifically designed for marine use providing the user with a long life product suitable for extreme climatic and fire fighting conditions.


  • Rugged inner and external lining
  • Light-weight


  • Our hose is manufactured as circular woven with inner thermoplastic polyurethane lining safeguarding it against both internal and external wear
  • Light-weight design enables you to carry them with ease onboard your vessel when fighting fires
  • The hoses are fitted with Norwegian standard and/or instantaneous couplings providing a ready to use hose compatible with the vessel's fire equipment. Please note some hoses are supplied without couplings


Length 1 m
Inner diameter 64.5 mm (+2 mm)
Weight 0.35 kg/m
Maximum Working Pressure 15 bar
Minimum Burst Pressure 50 bar
Temperature Range -50 °C to +75 °C

Binding Wire 1.6 mm (1 kg Roll)

Part Code: 758888

Cabinet for 20m Fire Hose

Part Code: 605279

Clamping Device for Binding Machine

Part Code: 605220

Binding Machine (portable)

Part Code: 60521

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