Metal Cartridge Extinguisher 9 kg

Product Sku: 657957

Survitec’s 9 kg cartridge operated, powder metal fire extinguisher overcomes the limitations when fighting metal fires with conventional fire extinguishers. Introducing argon with the Microfire D powder ensures the powder bonds to magnesium, aluminium, zinc, calcium and sodium fires, extinguishes them and prevents reignition.


  • D-powder for fighting fires in metals, such as magnesium, aluminium, zinc, calcium and sodium
  • Fight fires quickly and efficiently ensuring damage costs are reduced to a minimum
  • Integrated flow control valve at the hose end equips you with a direct and better CONTROL TO FIGHT FIRE
  • Our higher than normal industry standard burst pressure for the cylinder and hose safeguard you when firefighting
  • Long life and low maintenance costs are assured as our extinguishers are manufactured from 2 mm thick steel, shot blasted and polyester coated and with an anti-rust safety pin

Universal Marine Bracket for Fire Extinguishers

Part Code: 711416

CO2 Extinguisher Cartridge 160 g for 6 kg Powder (BC rated)

Part Code: 668244

Fire Extinguisher Bracket Strap (Pack of 5)*

Part Code: 669655

D-Powder 9 kg for P9FaM

Part Code: 02700131

Powder Pack 9 kg Microfire for P9FM.M

Part Code: 759902

O-Ring for P9FM.M 5 Pack

Part Code: 766977

3 Piece Fitting for P9FM.M

Part Code: 766976

Gas Tube for P9FM.M

Part Code: 766975

Valve Seal for Fire Extinguisher (Pack of 25)

Part Code: 667584

Safety Pin Yellow (Pack of 10)

Part Code: 667592

Wire and Seal (Pack of 90)

Part Code: 667600

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