Throwover Liferafts

Prioritise the safety of your passengers and crew members through our throw-over liferaft solutions. Our high-quality manual throw-overboard liferafts are designed specifically to cater to the safety requirements of small passenger vessels, fishing vessels, and commercial vessels. Our liferafts offer unparalleled versatility in optimising space on board your vessel. They are lightweight, durable, and have a long lifespan. The liferafts are housed in strong containers made of light, small-sized, and robust glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). Our liferafts are available in a range of trusted brands - Survitec Zodiac, DSB, RFD Surviva.


  • Available for four up to 150 persons, with options to suit your needs
  • Can be dropped from a height of up to 46 metres, suitable for many different vessels
  • Fully enclosed double-skinned, high visibility canopy complete with retro-reflective tape for improved visibility
  • Easy access non-inflatable boarding ramp
  • Manufactured using corrosion and abrasion-resistant polyurethane-coated fabric for longevity
  • High volume water pockets to ensure maximum stability when inflating
  • Canopy fitted with LED light ensuring visibility when inside the liferaft
  • Fully insulated floor to ensure maximum thermal protection for your passengers and crew
  • SOLAS and MED approved and recognised by your national flag maritime administrations
  • Available with SOLAS ‘A’ and ‘B’ emergency pack configuration
  • Save space and servicing time with compact container options
  • Extremely strong and safe when loaded
  • Equipment packs sealed in strong watertight bags, secured inside the liferaft

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