Wheeled ABC Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher 25 kg

Product Sku: 755348

Where you have high risk locations with limited access our range of wheeled extinguishers allow you to fight fires from a longer distance giving you protection from heat and fire. Wheeled extinguishers provide you with the ability to quickly move high capacity extinguishers closer to the fire easily.


  • Our fire extinguishers boast high levels of mono ammonium phosphate giving quicker fire fighting capability even on electrical fires up to 35 kv
  • High firefighting capabilities meaning quicker and safer fire fighting
  • Our higher than normal, industry standard burst pressure for the cylinder and hose safeguard the user when firefighting
  • Long life and low maintenance costs are assured as our extinguishers are manufactured from 2 mm thick steel, shot blasted and polyester coated and with an antirust
  • Safety pin included

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