MedOx Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Crew and passengers are often isolated from the usual sources of medical care and assistance available to those on shore. In the event of an emergency, they are totally reliant on the medical equipment and devices on board and their proper functioning.

According to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (the MLC, 2006), adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO), a seafarer, while working on board, has the right to health protection and medical care as comparable as possible to that which is generally available to workers. This is why MedOx medical oxygen is a registered medicine which is exactly the same as the medical oxygen gas which is supplied to hospitals and other medical facilities on shore. Medical oxygen is considered to be a prescription drug and is part of the medical outfitting on board of a vessel.


  • Residual pressure valve (RPV) - retains a small positive Pressure (1-5 bar) even if the valve is left open
  • RPV reduces risk of moisture ingress & back Contamination
  • A pre-filled cylinder - with a valid hydrostatic pressure test - will always be supplied to maintain the
    quality of the gas cylinders and the medical oxygen gas
  • Pin index valve connection ensures cylinder will only connect to correct equipment and is filled with the correct gas

COVID-19: When an outbreak occurs on board it is important to follow the operational guidelines for managing COVID-19 cases and outbreak on board ships published by the WHO. Due to the nature of the virus we strongly recommend increasing the Medical Oxygen supplies on board to help patients with  severe acute respiratory infections before medical evacuation is possible.

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